Four Kaibe

by kkkkkkkk

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rough reference demo EP


released January 15, 2013

Kristjan Garcia Lamerton




kkkkkkkk Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: Fight/Flight
waking up at 6am to get on a plane
up all night just to leave my life to fate
I'm counting flies I'm wasting time again
collecting dust and holding trust in the candles on my plate

all together now we pump it through our veins
we can either run and hide or we can scream into its face
but it's not okay

that we are fighting
we should be flying

it's not a matter for a preacher
its not a matter for the scientist
what's the matter my teacher
because they know nothing

in this way the world will sing survival but it's too late
the fittest will the richest to behave
I don't know how it works but I'll have faith and pray
until the sun goes down on all of this
Track Name: Full Of What?
I have a little thing
I have a little thing for everyone
I have a little sting
You’re exactly what I need to get on

Like a stagnant cloud
Like a pregnant whale
You’re just holding out
To piss on our parade

And I want something new
I want something with you
And I want something new
I’m full of what?

You fold up like a spring
So I cannot get in
You start to fill me in
And wake me from this nightmare

And I want something new
I want something with you
I want something
I’m full of what?

If I am landfill
And acid moats my heart
What am I made of
If not love for everyone?
If not love then what?
Track Name: Forgot To Breathe
I can see you’re happy
I can see your face again
The red has gone away

It’s a part of me
I won’t be ashamed again
For someone else’s sake

But I can only hope
Have faith that I can change
It almost makes me choke
My love is just a pain
For a minute there I forgot to breathe

I can trust again
Now you’re my only friend again
Don’t give me half a chance

But I’ve been helping you
When I need helping too
I need a fucking clue

Here I sit in the prime of my life
With all the pieces of my mind
And all my organs working fine

Don’t hold your breath you’re too young to forget
But I’ll do it anyway until I flake away like burning paint
Don’t say your prayers you’re too young to pretend
But I’ll do it all again until I flake away like burning paint
Track Name: Peace Train
hey why do you ride up on the peace train
spitting shells out upon my tracks
no I'm not laughing at what he said
I'm just trying not to use my hands

i talk about her like we’re married
but my teeth aren’t chattering
I chalk her up like i’m a butler of love
attending to the clattering

it’s like I told you I’m a violent man
I’ll squeeze you til your highness bursts
didn’t I tell you I’m in battle with a spiral winter
every word I hear is snow on me

my inhabitants will one day live forever
but when they stay I’ll go
I’ll see you riding on the peace train
I don’t know when but when I’ll know

we’ll be together in a better world
here freedom is a god given gift and a curse
freedom from suffering and freedom from thought
for those obedients who believed during their time on Earth

I’ll start a howling for you

I’ve broken high encore
why open my own box
and I’m tied onto the tracks
too tired to get back
Track Name: Make You Sorry
It's a problem that I can't face
I can't face alone
And I feel like I should just run away
To disappoint someone else

This ain't no holiday
and not another camera
don't turn your eyes for a second
or I'll be out the door...

standing on the edge of my escape
the vacuum warps and bends the frame
the face of the Earth falls away
(and I'm on the plane)

I'll make you sorry
I'll make you sorry that you ever came home

There is a lot to explain
But no one has the words
And I am rotten and fake
So run run away my girl...

Standing on the edge of my escape
There's only so many lies you'll take
But I'm an inventor of new mistakes
(and I'm on the plane)

Yeah I'll make you sorry
I'll make you sorry that you ever came home