One Kaibe

by kkkkkkkk

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These three songs were written and recorded in 5 hours between 5 and 10pm on saturday night, the 17th of December 2011, in my room, on a guitar with no D string.


released December 18, 2011

All things by Kristjan Garcia-Lamerton




kkkkkkkk Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: King Tide Pain
take me to your bed dear
and help me to be steady
a steady husband til i die
if you'll pretend to be my wife

we'll get into all sorts of strife
married to a carving knife
begging her to take my life
and what a life it was

first the passion fades away
but soon the fruit returns again
like the sunshine like the rain
like my constant king tide pain

it recedes and pulls at the brain
a kind of struggle destroys the mind
but it's all for you this time
so don't disturb me now

suddenly this boy from school
takes his place beside you somehow
trying hard to improve
just like my constant king tide pain

while he lies alone at home
why is it he's always sick and
how'd you get away with it
all these sounds i've heard before
Track Name: I Hurt
open hearted surgery ten fold broken seen you seven times i hope you prepare i repair the parts to go again in the dark i search for

i hurt like you will never know

too late for pluto it's moons are too slow i orbit close to you we shrouded celestial bodies we drag we're too heavy for attracting patience

i hurt like you will never know

the sounds they make whirring like electrons as i charge you with destruction i found we fake our love is taken close enough to step on in so many places at once

i hurt like you will never know
Track Name: Swan Song
this is the second last time you'll hear my voice before i close the chords illusion of choice

it's all smoke mirrored on the side of your old car curved and off white particular isn't he peculiar looking back on it i should have seen it coming

he wet the bed
he broke both of his arms
climbing up the hill
at the bottom of the farm

he made a stronghold the clouds dropped bombs he made the decision to forget about mum to create the world he felt should exist he dug the pit where he thought he could fill it in

in hindsight isn't it blindsight to not have the foresight to fill it in