Two Kaibe

by kkkkkkkk

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There's a lot to be said about whatever this is and you'll just have to ask I spose.


released June 12, 2012

Kristjan Blade Garcia Lamerton




kkkkkkkk Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: Haunted
bring down the doors
and try to guess are we satisfied
hold applause
erect the walls
and guess are we satisfied
blockade the shores
we live like rabbits
burrow, carrots
sticks and bones
hello hi getting stoned
we live like rabbits
succumbed to our habits
suck til we’re dry
and die alone

the haunted house is calling
I'm haunted I'm haunted
the haunted house, I love it
I’m haunted, I’m haunted
Track Name: Possessed
they’ll cut it off and put it in a box
they’ll rip it off and show it off

being a man is being guilty
being a man is having fear
having faith is not a virtue
believe in something is not real

that’s a pretty big claim you’re making
that’s a shame
those are pretty big words you’re copying and pasting
that’s a shame

your accumulated possessions will follow you to heaven
they will form a neat procession
he will tick them off the list
one by one your things will come

when you claim to have the answers
you provoke the wrath of the gods
the ones who never look down at you
will turn their aim to watch you suffer
Track Name: Rice
One minute in and I’m still falling down
Well so I heard they’re still learning
A certain spice off the line
Mixed with love, served on rice
A summer dish which turns out alright
Track Name: Dronn
they come on rafts they come climbing up the masts to spot the doors
perfectly aligned to let them in culture on a silver planet
it hardly matters its a cancer spreading through the veins they multiply
like yuppie rats in cat-fur hats and eat their way through habitats
as we run they pave the way for more to come
these whining brats will be our downfall
you’re such a handful, just another mouth to please

oh could it be we weren’t prepared I've never ever been so
fucking scared in all my life they take your house they take your wife
they say we’re doomed we’re gonna lose it’s always streaming from the news
but when will they be satisfied with taking children in the night
to build their walls and dig their trenches and raise us to be one of them
no no I’ve had it with discussion give me ten minutes then call the cops
these doors are locked but heaven’s not now the haunted house is screaming

the drones

line the doors up on the beaches
for snakes and ghouls and other creatures
a more direct line to find and meet us
sit them down to hear our speeches
but we don’t care what they can teach us
we just want to say we’re sorry, we’re sorry

i had to find a way to keep you coming back and make you stay
I'm over rated these days anyway but just before i leave i have to say
I'm sorry, I'm sorry
Track Name: Fauna
fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap
Track Name: Science
this is the song marked by difficult sums
of people who lead on and complicated rhythms
subjects to be frowned upon more or less about the other one and
here she sings upon the brink of ecstasy i'm wrong to think
her highness is a californian blindness

control the mind's eye frozen
inside a stalagmite
eaten by the bugs
catching up with you
even when i don't want to

it's something approaching a science
it's in the middle it's in the metal

you're my escape plan yes i'm a bigger man
i see he threw you out i see he threw you a bone
we live in habit in burrows like rabbits
we're catatonic worshiping the static
Track Name: Boundary
things here have changed
oh god how they’ve changed
for neither better nor worse
nor brass nor pain

for the beggars still purchase
the glass for their frames
all the better to admire
their scarves of chain

and the merchants rewarded
with splinters will cherish
supported by the splinters
holding up their houses

I've never seen the highlight
but shiver as i spy the clutch
of the weathered old hands
in the mirrors, oh

and the gentry whose sons are disappointments are deported
to this new world, a valley whose inhabitants once thwarted by
my great great great grandfathers gallantry and the common flu
who then settled and after whom you take your second name

their history is a mystery cos they never sold their secrets no

I'm bound to come back to your arms again
I'm bound to come back to your arms