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Survival of the fittest and most deluded, adrenaline, sleep, travel, and conflict.


waking up at 6am to get on a plane
up all night just to leave my life to fate
I'm counting flies I'm wasting time again
collecting dust and holding trust in the candles on my plate

all together now we pump it through our veins
we can either run and hide or we can scream into its face
but it's not okay

that we are fighting
we should be flying

it's not a matter for a preacher
its not a matter for the scientist
what's the matter my teacher
because they know nothing

in this way the world will sing survival but it's too late
the fittest will the richest to behave
I don't know how it works but I'll have faith and pray
until the sun goes down on all of this


from Four Kaibe, released January 15, 2013
kristjan blade garcia lamerton




kkkkkkkk Sydney, Australia

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