Peace Train

from by kkkkkkkk



It's about when you go read the wikipedia article synopsis of a movie's plot instead of going to see the actual movie itself, and then going around telling everyone that you wrote the screenplay.


hey why do you ride up on the peace train
spitting shells out upon my tracks
no I'm not laughing at what he said
I'm just trying not to use my hands

i talk about her like we’re married
but my teeth aren’t chattering
I chalk her up like i’m a butler of love
attending to the clattering

it’s like I told you I’m a violent man
I’ll squeeze you til your highness bursts
didn’t I tell you I’m in battle with a spiral winter
every word I hear is snow on me

my inhabitants will one day live forever
but when they stay I’ll go
I’ll see you riding on the peace train
I don’t know when but when I’ll know

we’ll be together in a better world
here freedom is a god given gift and a curse
freedom from suffering and freedom from thought
for those obedients who believed during their time on Earth

I’ll start a howling for you

I’ve broken high encore
why open my own box
and I’m tied onto the tracks
too tired to get back


from Four Kaibe, track released November 14, 2012




kkkkkkkk Sydney, Australia

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